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About Us:

Welcome to Destined 2 B Fit. Destined 2 B Fit is a place of relaxation and making each client feel comfortable while getting fit and seeing themselves at their desired weight. Not only will Destined 2 B Fit get you into shape, but Destined 2 B is designed to encourage each client to develop good eating habits.

By joining our team our commitment to you is to push you to your highest potential by establishing a relationship with each client. Destined 2 B Fit has an open door policy that will allow our clients to feel welcome at all times. Destined 2 B Fit has many incentives that we offer to encourage our clients and a monthly orientation on instructing our clients on health, wellness and Fitness so that you can excel to your next level living.

We encourage you to get in shape so that you can feel great in body and in soul. 3 John 3:2 says “Beloved I wish above all things that you will prosper be in health even as your soul prosper.

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